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Alex Sher
(USA, born 1962, Ukraine)


Alex Sher is American underwater fine art photographer whose resolute admiration of feminine sensuality instantly heralded him to worldwide acclaim. Sher's photographs have been exhibited in the world's greatest galleries and museums.


Alex Sher was born in Ukraine and moved to the US with his parents in 1995. His first underwater shots are dated 2010. The earliest fine art photographs were published in 2013. In 2015 Sher's works were exhibited in Louvre (Paris) and later in museums of London, New York, Los Angeles, and other cities.  His first personal exhibition was in Beverly Hills in 2015 in Bruce Lurie Gallery.  


Alex Sher started working with Touchon Gallery in 2019. Alex's first photo book "Mermaids" was published in 2018.


Alex Sher lives in Los Angeles. Aside from his fine art photography, Alex is working on a new project devoted to kelp forest preservation.


Once upon a time, when wheels were made of stone and phones had no cameras, lived my grandma.  I loved my grandma and loved her stories about people and places she remembered.  There was one story about a photographer grandma was telling in the photo lab waiting for the pictures to develop.  Grandma never mentioned his name - just a guy who was a magician. He could make any woman beautiful with his camera. 

I envied him. I wanted to be this guy. I wished my grandma would say that about me someday. He knew some magic secrets; this photographer and he took these secrets with him

to the Holocaust grave. 


Many years have passed.  I've traveled all around the world, changing jobs and cameras, taking pictures of the most beautiful people, and absolutely unbelievable things. And through my life journey, I still hope to hear someday: “He is a magician, he makes life beautiful with his camera.”


Zach Touchon

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Art Series & Artworks

Art series 'Reflections |
The Other Side'

REFLECTIONS is a series of underwater photographs showing the beauty of a women’s figures through colors, lines, shapes created by reflections on a water surface. It is a one-of-a-kind art project which not only reveals another angle of female beauty but opens up another side of reality, another way to look at things, a different opinion. 

Private Pool_small.jpg

Artwork 'Pointe'

"Four years ago I wrecked my sailboat and was self-medicating with vodka at a Russian restaurant - when I noticed a cute girl hanging from the ceiling right above my glass. She was not only beautiful, but she was also a dancer too and she agreed to model for me underwater. Two days later - if you stopped by my pool - you’d see a fully-dressed ballerina with her hands underwater and me wriggling at the bottom around her feet. I kept asking her to tie and untie her pointe hypnotized by the beautiful small hands entwined in ribbons and light. I took quite a few pictures that day.

This one the my favorite".


Artwork 'Porcelain ||'

"The work from the Porcelain series.
Porcelain - aside from being an exquisite tableware material - is the name of my art project. The idea of the project: the most artistic underwater photos in porcelain color schema on black background - with no dress, no face, no second picture for the same model. The project started in 2017."

This photo has been featured this year in Contemporary ArtCurator Magazine (US), Moevir Magazine (France), and The StyleResearcher (Italy)

Porcelain II.jpg

Artwork 'Dancing Flowers'

Dancing Flowers.jpg

"Once upon a time (in 2019) a friend asked me to take her pictures underwater. She was not a very good swimmer although she was ready to model nude. She brought a friend for moral support. Her friend went with us to the pool. She was really good underwater. We are working together for two years.

This is my friend - Mikaela."


Model Society Academy Magazine - 2021 US

Chiiz Magazine - 2021

US Contemporary Art Curator Magazine - 2021

US The Style Researcher - 2021 Italy

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