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Zach Touchon is an American contemporary abstract expressionist artist and muralist based in Los Angeles, CA. Besides that, Touchon is also an actor, singer, screenwriter, and writer.


Zach Touchon is an artist in the second generation. By rethinking abstract expressionism ideas, using different media he creates large abstract artworks along with small collages, huge murals, and interior installations. The main focus of his art is depth and space and finding a semantic and aesthetic balance between them.


As a muralist, Touchon joins the ranks of such great LA street artists as WRDSMTH, Retna, Shepard Fairy, and Dirt Cobain in making a contribution to the beautification of the city and drawing attention to sensitive, and topics of current interest.


Zach Touchon's works are a part of the private collections of the Vice Chairman at Sotheby's and Founder of Concrete Media Manhattan, Chairman of DPP Real Estate, and Chief Executive Officer of Los Angeles Conservancy, Founder of Paper or Plastic Café and MiMoDa Studio, Architecture + Design Director at Compass Real Estate, Founder of EXPOSED Art Centre and SIX3NINE Personal Training, and many others.

Touchon also is an owner of Touchon&Co Gallery which has been located in Downtown

Los Angeles for 3 years and moved to Santa Monica in 2020. In 2021 the gallery had its relaunch under the name Touchon Gallery. 

Most of my artwork is based on balance and finding that balance working with depth and space, time and flow. My ultimate goal as an artist is to create a very relaxing feel and a meditative visual experience whenever you look at the works; to let a viewer get lost in the thought process following the flow of a piece. My second goal is to enhance the space with art – I’m confident that art should make a space it is inhabiting in better. The third goal is craftsmanship, quality, and attention to detail.


All my work has been process-driven as I identify myself as an abstract expressionist. I like things to happen in a moment or happen through a process. There is a kind of magic that happens when the composition reveals itself naturally through the process. Depth is created through the use of contrasting colors and shading, inviting the viewer to gaze into some other dimension. An intimate experience happens between the work and the viewer. Movement and flow are created through the use of stacking and repeating shapes on top of each other. The composition appears to be suspended, making the viewer feel as though they could stick their hand right through the surface.


Zach Touchon

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