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New series of photographs
by Alex Sher


Touchon Gallery

Touchon Gallery is an LA-based online gallery of contemporary art. With its main project - 'the S E L E C T I O N Art Show' - the gallery showcases the most stand-out and impressive artworks by emerging and mid-career artists from around the world.

The gallery was founded by an American contemporary abstract expressionist artist, actor, singer, screenwriter, and writer Zach Touchon, and Russian-American art-marketer Katerina Khrustaleva Touchon in 2017.

For several years it was one of the main art spaces in DTLA. At the beginning of 2020, the gallery moved to Santa Monica and started working primarily online with participating in art fairs and organizing pop-ups.

The Gallery has no public exhibitions planned for 2023,
but SUBSCRIBE and stay in contact

as we will be exhibiting at art fairs
and doing pop-ups in Los Angeles.


Featured Artists

Alex Sher

Alex Sher

Alex Sher is an award-winning American fine art photographer internationally recognized for his original depictions of the aqueous depths and admiration of feminine sensuality.

Zach Touchon

Zach Touchon

Explore artworks by an American contemporary abstract expressionist artist, actor, singer, screenwriter, and writer based in Los Angeles, CA. The collection includes several different series "Chaos and Control," "Geometric Abstraction," "Assemic Writting," and others. 


Touchon Gallery


Online guide

for emerging artists

Part #1.


5 steps
which will help emerging artists, photographers, sculptors, creators to build their personal brand and start earning money of their own art and start working with galleries, fairs, the press, and brands.

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Author's guide

developed by an art marketing expert and a gallery owner Katerina Khrustaleva Touchon and the artist and gallery owner Zach Touchon

Digest of

Marketing Tips

51 practical marketing tips on the most significant topics in the art

Social Media Management Video Opener (297 × 210 mm).png

The Book-Digest «50(+1) marketing tips #FRWART. Part 1»

is developed specifically for artists, photographers, sculptors, illustrators and creatives and contains

51 practical marketing tips on the most significant topics in Art:

● how to find your unique style ● how to write an Artist Statement ● how to promote yourself on Social Media

● how to create an appealing content ●  how to sell online ● and also lots of other information about collaborations, galleries, agents, sales and art in general.

! The Digest was developed as a part of the "Self-Promotion for Artists" online-guide and is the most effective in combination with it

for prices and any other questions

to most recent news
about our new exhibitions, projects, and new works
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