This work is a combination of two major series created by the artist - "Chaos and Control Theory" and "Geometric Abstraction" Series.  It was created with the pages from an Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. This technique gives a special character to the work - you can play with it asking questions, pointing to any part of the work, and you will get a meaningful phrase or a word. The work has black, white, and grey colors with blue, yellow, orange, and black geometric forms on the top. Great for the modern interior.

  -- "Chaos and Control Theory" Series is about depth and space. It’s about information overload, and what information looks like when you take out a meaning. I create lots of layers, using found materials and printed materials. I do an abstract expressionism painting on a surface first before I apply the printed and found materials. And then I begin to organize the surface, ultimately thinking about balance and flow and how the piece is going to contribute to a space it is going to be hanging in.  

Within the "Geometric Abstraction" series, the image happens in a moment - I create geometric forms, combining them in eccentric and catchy compositions. Then I spend hours and hours perfecting the craftsmanship and attention to details and adjusting colors to create more balance and flow, more depth and space. Even though the works are two-dimensional, a viewer can look into them, can see “layers”.  

-- Zach Touchon is an American contemporary abstract expressionist artist and muralist based in Los Angeles, CA. Besides that, Touchon is also an actor, a singer, a screenwriter, and a writer.  

Zach Touchon is an artist in the second generation. By rethinking abstract expressionism ideas, using different media he creates large abstract artwork along with small collages, huge murals, and interior installations. The main focus of his art is depth and space and finding a semantic and aesthetic balance between them.


CC2024 - Blue Yellow Orange Black and White Contemporary Geometric Abstraction

  • Height: 28 in. (71.12 cm)

    Width: 28 in. (71.12 cm)

    Depth: 1.5 in. (3.81 cm)