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This work is a limited edition print for a GA1220 work from the "Geometric Abstraction" series. 

Limited edition 2/10 

Giclee print on Fine Art Paper -  Canson® Infinity is a 100% cotton museum-grade, acid-free, no OBAs (optical brightening agents) white smooth Fine Art paper 

Artwork Size: 16 x20 + 1’’ borders

Outside trim size: 18 x 22 Deckled edges 

Hand-signed by artist

Certificate of authenticity available upon request

Framing available upon request 

"Within the Geometric Abstraction series, the image happens in a moment - I create geometric forms, combining them in eccentric and catchy compositions. Then I spend hours and hours perfecting the craftsmanship and attention to details and adjusting colors to create more balance and flow, more depth and space. Even though the works are two-dimensional, a viewer can look into them, can see “layers”." 

 -- Zach Touchon is a contemporary LA-based abstract expressionist artist. Besides that, Touchon is also an actor, a singer, a screenwriter, and an owner of the Touchon Gallery.  Zach Touchon is a second-generation and a successor to his famous father's, Cecil Touchon's, artistic path.  By rethinking abstract expressionism ideas, using different media he creates large abstract artwork along with small collages, huge murals, and interior installations. 

The main focus of his art is depth and space and finding a semantic and aesthetic balance between them.  As a muralist, Touchon joins the ranks of such great LA street artists as WRDSMTH, Retna, Shepard Fairy, and Dirt Cobain in making a contribution to the beautification of the city and drawing attention to sensitive and topics of current interest.  

Touchon also is an owner of Touchon Gallery which has been located in Downtown Los Angeles for 3 years and moved to Santa Monica in 2020. The gallery holds physical and online exhibitions and art shows presenting unique and unusual art by emerging artists from around the world.


GA1220 Limited edition 2/10 giclee geometric abstraction signed print

  • Height: 20 in. (50.8 cm)

    Width: 16 in. (40.64 cm)

    Depth: 0.1 in. (2.54 mm)

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