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CS25 - is #25 in the series (2021). It was created in Santa Barbara, California. The collage was made out of the photographs of different skateboards hung on the wall of a shop. The work is multicolored, has some logos, stickers, brands' names, like Supreme.  


▪️ Printed on Epson photo paper with Eco Solvent-based inks 

▪️ Laminated to acrylic 

▪️ Sintra board backing to seal the image

▪️ Recessed hanging added so the art floats .75" off the wall 

▪️ Ready to hang  

▪️ Hand-signed by the artist  

▪️ Certificate of authenticity  __ CS City Surfaces is a digital project created by Zach Touchon and Katerina Touchon.  

This is a decorative project that includes an edition of not less than 100 different digital collages, created using a special artist's technique. The colors, the tones, the mood of all the works are different so everyone could find the one they like and the one (or several) they would want to beautify their space with. 

The digital pieces are created with the same technique Zach uses for his "Chaos and Control Theory" Series.

This series is about depth and space. It’s about information overload, and what information looks like when you take out a meaning. Physical works Zach creates with lots of layers, using found materials and printed materials. He creates an abstract expressionism painting on a surface first before he applies the printed and found materials. And then he begins to organize the surface, ultimately thinking about balance and flow and how the piece is going to contribute to a space it is going to be hanging in.  With the digital pieces the technique is the same, only the found and printed materials are presented in digital forms as photographs.  

--- Zach Touchon is a contemporary LA-based abstract expressionist artist. Besides that, Touchon is also an actor, a singer, a screenwriter, and an owner of the Touchon Gallery.  Zach Touchon is a second-generation and a successor to his famous father's, Cecil Touchon's, artistic path.  By rethinking abstract expressionism ideas, using different media he creates large abstract artwork along with small collages, huge murals, and interior installations. 

The main focus of his art is depth and space and finding a semantic and aesthetic balance between them. 

As a muralist, Touchon joins the ranks of such great LA street artists as WRDSMTH, Retna, Shepard Fairy, and Dirt Cobain in making a contribution to the beautification of the city and drawing attention to sensitive, and topics of current interest.  

Zach Touchon's works are part of private collections of the Vice Chairman at Sotheby's and Founder of Concrete Media Manhattan, Chairman of DPP Real Estate, and Chief Executive Officer of Los Angeles Conservancy, Founder Paper or Plastic Café and MiMoDa Studio, Architecture + Design Director at Compass Real Estate, Founder of EXPOSED Art Centre and SIX3NINE Personal Training, and many others.  Touchon also is an owner of Touchon&Co Gallery which has been located in Downtown Los Angeles for 3 years and moved to Santa Monica in 2020. In 2021 the gallery has its relaunch with the name Touchon Gallery.


CS25 Santa Barbara - 'Supreme' Acrylic Contemporary Multicolor Abstract Print

  • Height: 20 in. (50.8 cm)

    Width: 16 in. (40.64 cm)

    Depth: 1 in. (2.54 cm)

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